Frequently Asked Questions

It’s simple. You lay on the table and expose the area you want treated. The red light penetrates the skin and activates the fat cells to open up temporary channels in which the content of the fat cell can be released. Then, your lymphatics, which is part of your blood circulation, picks up the fat content, takes it to the liver to be processed and then, the body voids it through your natural process (urination and through the GI tract). So, no down time and no pain. And, a huge add-on bonus is that not only does the light target the fat cells, it also targets the skin to produce more elastin and collagen, so it tones and tightens the skin as you lose fat, so you’re not left with loose and saggy skin as if you were to lose a lot of fat on your own through diet and exercise.

Coolsculpting is a form of fat loss where they freeze the cell, break it up and the body absorbs it and rids it out of the body. However, can be a bit more expensive, it hurts, there is no guarantee, and at times it leaves patients with an unwanted lumpy, bumpy appearance. Not only that, but fat gains in other places so it will leave the patient with a disproportionate body shape if they ever were to gain fat back. The UltraSlim is a relaxing red light that doesn’t kill the fat cell but tricks the cell to open up channels to allow the fat content to escape, so the cell shrinks and the body absorbs the content (triglycerides and fatty acids, etc.) and excretes it naturally. There is no down time or pain and if the patient ever were to gain some of the fat back in the future, they would have an even distribution of fat.

That’s one of the best things about it. We guarantee you will lose at least 2 inches in the waist, hips and thighs or your money back. So, it either works well for you and you’ll know if you are a good candidate for a package deal, or it’s 100% free for coming out and giving us an opportunity to earn your business.

That will really depend on you. It isn’t a magic pill, so if you are eating a bunch of things you know are not good for you, of course you will gain fat. The UltraSlim works well at releasing the fat content from the fat cell, but your diet and lifestyle between treatments will determine how effective your body is at excreting it out of the body.

It’s as permanent as you allow it. So, yes, with poor choices after your treatments you can gain the fat back if you eat enough to support a larger frame, so this should be viewed as a jump start to a new you, but through the UltraSlim we can target the stubborn areas and help them reduce immediately.

Just start prepping your body by drinking plenty of water. We also have some supplements you can start taking: Milk Thistle and Niacin. They help improve the function of the liver and GI tract so your body has a little extra help at ridding it of the fat content the UltraSlim will release.

The UltraSlim is very effective at opening up the channels and expelling the content. You don’t have to go wild and dedicate hours each day at the gym for this to work, but we do encourage some light exercise. The idea is we want to increase your circulation, so your body is more effective at dealing with the fat content that is hanging out between your cells after your treatment. That is why we have you stand on the “shaker” after each treatment; to ensure that if the patient does not have the time to exercise right after their treatment they can at least have 10 min of increased circulation. Every little thing you do towards a healthy lifestyle will only add to the effectiveness of the treatments.

General rule of thumb is if you want something treated, expose it. Don’t be shy. If you are comfortable, so are we. So, the less the better. For guys, it’s simple. They typically only need to take off their shirt for the regular areas treated. For women, we recommend a thong style bottom and they can keep their bra on, unless they want their upper back fat treated as well. But if you are shy, you can keep the bra on and we’ll just have you displace the material when the time comes, and we can maintain your modesty throughout the process, so you feel comfortable. Just make sure when you come in that your skin is free of lotions or oils and we encourage you to clean your skin prior to your treatment to ensure the best results.

We do before and after pics for a few reasons. One of the main reasons we take photos is so that you can see your own progress. Pictures say a thousand words. So, it’s nice to be able to look back where you started and see the changes.

On average, 6 treatments will help rid the body of about 15 lbs. of fat. So if someone is wanting to lose 30 lbs. of fat we would recommend 12 treatments, etc.

If you are coming in for fat loss, we recommend that you come in 1x/week to get the biggest bang for the buck, but you can come up to 2x/week if you have a time crunch as long as you separate the treatment by 3 days. If you are coming in for skin tightening, we recommend 3x/week for the fastest results.